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The Time I Met Charlton Heston

The news of the legend's death this weekend sparked memories for me of his visit to Southern West Virginia. It was a visit that many felt sealed WV for President George W. Bush in 2000.

Only days before the country would become entangled in the most controversial election ever, Charlton Heston and the National Rifle Association visited Beckley, WV in October 2000 to 4-chlorodehydromethyltestosteron rally gun owners to vote for then Republican nominee George W. Bush.

The whole election was amazing. West Virginia had so much attention because the Republican party saw a chance to move it back into their column. Republicans knew it would be a tight race and you Testosterone Propionate Alpha Pharma Price couldn't ignore a potential swing state like West Virginia.

There were many memorable moments for me in that election. I got to interview Tipper Gore at a fundraiser for then Democratic nominee Al Gore. I also got to interview Al Gore inside the House of Generika Levitra Delegates. (Three questions only. It was like a conveyor belt and as Gore moved by you asked him your questions and moved on. Very weird.) I saw Bill Cosby warm up the crowd for a Gore rally on the capitol steps. I also saw Ted Koppel from ABC covering the Democrats and carrying his photographer's tripod the ultimate respect to pay your photographer by the way.

But it was that warm night in Beckley that I won't forget. There were so many people packed into the armory for this event that they set up an area outside to watch Heston and the NRA folks "Anadrol 50" hold their rally. There was some tension in the crowd too. The NRA was not happy with media coverage (mostly national at that point) but I was representing the profession and heard the opinions from some.

Then Heston came out. He was electric. The crowd went hysterical and he rewarded them with his deep voice and perfect delivery. It's a trite phrase these days but he Testosterone Propionate 100mg WAS the rock star in the crowd.

Toward the end of the event some of the media snuck back into the back room of the armory with the hopes of throwing some questions at Heston. I remember him seeming shorter than I imagined (that seems to happen a lot with movie stars). He was a skinny man but had a huge prescence along the rope line "Oxandrolone Powder India" of fans. Generika Levitra I remember one of the reporters there even asked him for an autograph. That was the first time I ever Tren 75 Stack witnessed that.